Air Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton Myths Busted

Two men working on an air conditioner in front of a house.

Our Air Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton services will help you to choose the right product from the brand names that we carry. We walk you through every step of the installation process including deciding on the right-sized unit. We make sure everything fits and works properly because transparency is a big part of our business […]

Our Air Treatment Replacement in Hamilton Services Include HEPA Filters.

A man is putting a block of sand into an air conditioner.

The air treatment replacement in Hamilton units we carry are good for the home or office. The systems we use have a three-step process that filters out bacteria and particles, pet dander, fungi and even VOCs.  They include HEPA filters that are excellent for your health and that of your family. Here’s a few other […]

Air Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton Energy Saving Ideas

A group of air conditioners and heat pumps.

When it’s time for air conditioner replacement in Hamilton, we have the quiet efficient choices that are energy efficient. We know this is a big purchase the average homeowner doesn’t need to make more than once or twice. Hamilton Heating and Cooling offers a variety of top name brands with excellent SEER ratings. Here are […]

Tips From Your Water Heater Repair in Hamilton Specialists for Big Savings

A man working on a water heater.

Whether you have a gas or electric unit , our water heater repair in Hamilton service looks after issues like leaks and strange noises. We can solve problems like leaky pipes and not enough hot water. Being helpful is our priority. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to save on your water […]

Air Conditioning Replacement in Hamilton and Picking The Right Size

A group of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Air conditioning replacement in Hamilton covers several things including determining the right size. Getting a new unit is a big investment. You could be financing or paying up front. Either way it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Here are a few things you need to know about picking the […]

Air Conditioning Repair in Hamilton Tips For Staying Cool When The AC Brakes Down

A man fixing an air conditioner with a screwdriver.

Our air conditioning repair in Hamilton services are upfront and honest. We are a locally operated and owned company with years of experience. Along with repairs we also offer maintenance plans. Here’s some advice about what to do when you’re air-conditioner breaks down to avoid being exhausted, irritable and sweaty. Lower Your Shades Natural lighting […]

Some Sure Signs You’ll Need Air Conditioning Repair in Hamilton

Two men working on an air conditioner in front of a house.

Hamilton Heating and Cooling are  air conditioning repair in Hamilton experts supplying the highest standards of quality and workmanship. As the hot weather approaches, it’s important to understand how well your unit is prepared for the heat. Here are a few sure signs yours needs to be looked at. If you have warm air blowing […]

Air Conditioner Repair in Hamilton Tips for Cutting AC Costs

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We are the air conditioner repair in Hamilton experts with over 20 years of experience. You can count on our HVAC techs to get the job done right the first time. These experts are all EPA certified and dedicated to keeping your family comfortable. They’ve put together some tips on cutting your air conditioning costs […]