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Air Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton Energy Saving Ideas

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When it’s time for air conditioner replacement in Hamilton, we have the quiet efficient choices that are energy efficient. We know this is a big purchase the average homeowner doesn’t need to make more than once or twice. Hamilton Heating and Cooling offers a variety of top name brands with excellent SEER ratings.

Here are some home energy saving tips that work well with a brand-new air-conditioning unit.

  • Weatherproofing is one of the best ways to tackle the summer heat and lower your energy costs at the same time. Rubber or vinyl weatherstripping placed on door jams doesn’t cost a lot. However, it can provide a barrier to the outside air while keeping the inside cool. That means your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to maintain a nice temperature.
  • If you work in the house you should think about the type of lighting you need. Taking advantage of natural light wherever possible instead of turning on overhead ones works. Keeping the blinds drawn during the summer months also helps to keep energy bills down.
  • Here’s another tip when you’re working from home from our air conditioner replacement in Hamilton specialists. A dedicated workspace saves you from moving from one place to another. Besides, you don’t need to use power in empty rooms that way. You can lower the temperature a few degrees and work better in a cooler atmosphere too.

Weatherproofing your windows is always an excellent way to lower your energy bills. With older ones, there’s always the possibility of cracks developing where the walls and windows join up. Blocking hot air from coming into your house can be as easy as adding caulking or spray foam.

Clear insulating foam is another option. This is a popular choice in the winter, but it also works in the summer during the hot weather.


There’s one drawback here — it’s a little hard to open your windows. However, that won’t really matter when the temperature is soaring outside.

It doesn’t really matter how much you weatherproof your home if your air conditioner is over 10 to 15 years old. Older systems can add to your electric bill because they are inefficient. We have been specialists for air conditioner replacement in Hamilton since 2000.

We only supply what you need and our technicians explain every detail. That includes a comprehensive assessment of your current air-conditioning system.

  • No Pressure Sales

    Our sales team is here to provide you only what is needed. We will explain every element of your system you YOU can decide what is needed or not.

  • Full Transparency

    We will provide you a complete written assessment of your system and explain everything in detail. There are no hidden or surprise costs.

  • First Class Workmanship

    Our service technicians, are fully trained and insured on all of the systems we sell, install and service.

  • Over 20 Years Experience

    We have been providing the Hamilton community heating and cooling sales and service for over 20 years!

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