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Our Air Conditioning Repair in Hamilton Services Help With Indoor Air Quality. So Do These Tips.

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Making a decision to replace your entire air-conditioning unit can be overwhelming. That’s why our air conditioning repair in Hamilton services strive to fix what’s wrong first. It’s all about keeping your family cool during the hot summer months and providing good indoor air quality.

  1. Give Your Air Ducts The Once Over . These are responsible for distributing hot and cold air around your house and providing comfort in each room. However, if your ducts aren’t installed and maintained properly, dander, dust and even sometimes mold can build up and reduce your air quality. Look for leaks where two ducts connect. If you feel any air leaking out mark the spot with the grease pencil.
  2. Buy A Smart Thermostat. If you install a Wi-Fi enabled product, you can monitor the humidity levels in your house and even the efficiency of your filters. Some of the Smart filters that you can buy can actually track pollen levels. Keep in mind that not changing the filter in your unit leads to air conditioning repair Hamilton costs and added bacteria in your air.
  3. Clean Your Carpets and Rugs. These are a great way to make your home more comfortable but they also trap particles and dust in their fibers. Clean them on a weekly basis and you’ll improve your indoor air quality.
  4. Ventilate When You Can. When the weather allows it, you should air out your home. This is especially true when you’re taking on activities like painting and cleaning. These tend to kick up a high level of dust and other pollutants.
  5. Get Some Plants. If you’re looking for natural air filters that can improve indoor air quality in your home, consider buying some plants. Ferns and lilies and big palm trees actually pull pollutants and other contaminants right out of the air.

Our Air Conditioning Repair in Hamilton team also suggests you consider buying a dehumidifier when you need one. Humid air can promote mildew and mold. If air inside feels sticky and heavy, it’s probably time to add one of these. If you set your humidifier for up to 50% humidity, you’ll notice a big difference. Breathing fresh clean air should be a number one priority for your family.

Watch the humidity levels in kitchens and bathrooms where the moisture levels are higher.

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