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Air Conditioner Repair in Hamilton Tips for Cutting AC Costs

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We are the air conditioner repair in Hamilton experts with over 20 years of experience. You can count on our HVAC techs to get the job done right the first time. These experts are all EPA certified and dedicated to keeping your family comfortable.

They’ve put together some tips on cutting your air conditioning costs over the summer.

Shrubbery and Trees Help To Lower Costs

Blocking the sun is one way that you can lower your AC bill. You can keep your house cooler by planting some trees and shrubs around the outside of your house. Most of the heat that builds up inside comes from the sun shining through windows or onto the roof.

Planting tall trees on the south side of your property helps. Planting on the west and east sides keeps your house cooler so your air-conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans help to move the air around that’s created by your air-conditioning unit. They need to be adjusted depending on the season. For example, during the summer months you should set them to run counterclockwise.

Kitchen exhaust fans and the ones in the bathroom also pull hot air away from those rooms lowering your air-conditioning power costs.

Use Window Screens

If your air-conditioner is making strange noises that don’t go away, you should give our air conditioner repair in Hamilton  team a call to investigate. However, covering your windows up so that heat doesn’t get in can help them to run more efficiently.

Mesh-like window screens and solar screens can intercept the sun’s heat before it gets into your house. Installing them on the outside so solar energy doesn’t get through to the glass is the best way to go.

Here’s a few other things that you can do to lower your cooling costs.

  • Opening the windows on the lower level of your house does wonders. Likewise if you can run ceiling fans on the upper floor. Circulating air inside your home means closing windows near any fans and opening them in rooms that are far away.
  • Maintaining your air-conditioner is important. Small things make a big difference like replacing your air filter every month or two during the summer months.

That’s a great way to save on cooling bills and  air conditioner repair in Hamilton expenses too.

  • No Pressure Sales

    Our sales team is here to provide you only what is needed. We will explain every element of your system you YOU can decide what is needed or not.

  • Full Transparency

    We will provide you a complete written assessment of your system and explain everything in detail. There are no hidden or surprise costs.

  • First Class Workmanship

    Our service technicians, are fully trained and insured on all of the systems we sell, install and service.

  • Over 20 Years Experience

    We have been providing the Hamilton community heating and cooling sales and service for over 20 years!

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