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You’ll Need Water Heater Repair in Hamilton When You Hear These Sounds


Our water heater repair in Hamilton team understands how important that appliance is to your family’s well-being. Hot water heaters make a variety of noises. Some are just annoying but other ones are an indication that something is wrong with the unit.

Here’s a few different reasons why you might be experiencing a noisy water heater.

  • A mineral deposit that’s built up over time can create a popping noise. This is a common issue in areas that have hard water. The minerals, usually magnesium and carbonate calcium, are harmless. However, when the water heats up, they separate and stick to the sides of your tank. It’s the lime scale that gets built up that makes the annoying sound.
  • Restricted water flow can make a sizzling noise when you turn the hot water on. If that’s the case in your house, our water heater repair in Hamilton specialists can come and check your T&P relief valve. This release valve allows water to escape from the tank if there’s too much pressure building up. The cause of a sizzling sound can also be a water inlet valve that’s not completely opened.
  • When the pressure fluctuates on the inside of your plumbing, you might get a ticking in your water heater. Water heaters have outlet and inlet nipples combined with heat traps designed to improve energy efficiency. If this is the source of the ticking noise, we can replace them for you.

If you hear running water after your tank is filled, it goes without saying that you’ve got an issue. More than likely there’s a broken pipe or a leak. If it’s not your hot water heater, you might have a broken pipe somewhere else. Check your water metre reading and don’t use any water for an hour or two. If you take another look and see that the needle has moved, you’ve got a broken or leaking pipe somewhere in your home.


Finally, if your appliance is making a knocking noise it might be what’s called water hammer. When the water gets abruptly shut off in your house and flows back to this appliance, damage can occur. If there is enough force in your plumbing system, the water heater’s shell can expand. A device called a water hammer arrestor can absorb the shock. Our water heater repair in Hamilton services can fix all of these issues and others.

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