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Air-Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton Tips for a New Unit

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Hamilton Heating and Cooling is an industry leader for air-conditioner replacement in Hamilton. Our inventory includes names like Goodman, Napoleon and Trane. Good advice is another advantage customers get when they deal with us.

That said, here are some things that you should be looking for when you’re shopping for a new air-conditioner.

Basically, there are several different types to choose from in Canada. There are air-conditioners that get installed outside and inside your home as well as units that work with houses that don’t have ductwork. There are also ones that fit into a window opening. These aren’t the best choice — they can be inefficient and noisy.

It’s important to have all the information if you’re looking for a new air-conditioning system.

With a split system, the condensing unit is located outside.  These can be mounted on brackets to a side wall or they can sit on carefully placed patio stones.

Controlled By a Thermostat

The temperature is controlled by a thermostat that can work for heating as well. You can get programmable thermostats with these so you can lower your heating and cooling costs by adjusting the temperature when you’re absent.

 Central Air-Conditioner Replacement in Hamilton

This type of AC cools your entire living space with refrigeration technology. It incorporates a split system with a large compressor that includes a coil. These are installed outside the house and connected with refrigerant lines to a furnace mounted coil. The duct system that distributes warm air in the winter passes cooler in the summer through your home.

Getting the right sized system means looking at several different factors. These include:

  • The age of your house or office.
  • How much sunshine enters through your windows
  • The condition and type of the duct work and ventilation system
  • The volume of all the different living spaces combined

Other Systems To Look At

Consumers have other choices to look at. These include a mini split system with an outdoor condensing unit. The inside unit has its own fan distributing the cooled air and is self-contained. It attaches high up on the wall or to the ceiling and comes with its own remote control.

Compact high velocity systems can include both heating and air-conditioning capabilities. These are a good air-conditioner replacement in Hamilton option for small spaces. They can fit into an attic or closet.

  • No Pressure Sales

    Our sales team is here to provide you only what is needed. We will explain every element of your system you YOU can decide what is needed or not.

  • Full Transparency

    We will provide you a complete written assessment of your system and explain everything in detail. There are no hidden or surprise costs.

  • First Class Workmanship

    Our service technicians, are fully trained and insured on all of the systems we sell, install and service.

  • Over 20 Years Experience

    We have been providing the Hamilton community heating and cooling sales and service for over 20 years!

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